DIG labelling

Steven L Goldberg steven.goldberg at bms.com
Tue May 9 12:55:07 EST 2000

I like using Amersham's ECL Direct labeling and hybridization kit because
it is very easy to use and the washing steps are very quick.  The
disadvantage is that you can't wash very stringently because the HRP
enzyme used as the "tag" is not very heat stable.  This is a problem
mainly if you are probing DNA with high G + C content (over 65%),
especially with colony blots.  In these instances the DIG system is a
better choice.

"H. Sluiman" wrote:

> Our institute does not have an account yet with Boehringer Mannheim so
> it will take a while before we can order their DIG oligonucleotide
> labelling and detection kit.
> We don't really wait that long so the question is: Is there any
> advantage to using their DIG kits over any other non-radioactive
> labelling system, such as those produced by Amersham?
> Hans Sluiman
> Royal Botanic Garden
> 20A Inverleith Row
> Edinburgh EH3 5LR
> Scotland, United Kingdom

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