SOC - What does it stand for?

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At 10:24 AM 5/9/00 -0500, Chris LaRosa wrote:

>delete SOB or SOC and give the full chemical formula as this will be the
>most accurate factual.

Would be difficult, since they both contained undefined yeast extract, etc. 
The reviewer obviously is not familiar with microbiological techniques/media. 
Usually the abbreviations (SOC, SOB, 2YT, NZYM, etc.) are just suffiecient
in publications. Some of these are easily surmised from the abbreviations
(eg. 2YT (!)= Yeast-Tryptone; NZYM = NaCl, NZ-amine, yeast extr., Mg++; SM =
NaCl, Mg++, etc.). Then again there are those, like YT and SM, that do not
include all the igredients in the acronyms. Some are downright infuriating,
eg. terrific broth. 
I am sure SOC/SOB difference has to do with the extra carbon source
(glucose) but the rest is obscured in history....

Anyway, to the original post, I would suggest that this point is clarified
for the reviewer and a proper reference (Methods in Enzymology or an
authentic media handbook) be included. If anybody actually knows about the
etymology of SOC/SOB, I am interested to know too. You can not have enough
trivia in this bussiness.

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