SOC - What does it stand for?

Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Tue May 9 13:15:03 EST 2000

"Hiranya S. Roychowdhury" wrote:
> At 10:24 AM 5/9/00 -0500, Chris LaRosa wrote:
> >delete SOB or SOC and give the full chemical formula as this will be the
> >most accurate factual.
> Would be difficult, since they both contained undefined yeast extract, etc.
> The reviewer obviously is not familiar with microbiological techniques/media.

The above commenter is just wrong.  It is perfectly acceptable to list
components that are not defined.  "We grew the cells on reinvigorating
medium containing 5 g/L yeast extract (Gibco...) , 5 g/L NaCl, 10 g/L
Tryptone (Gibco....)    etc. etc."

Roychowdhury obviously never published a paper or he forgot how to do


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