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Matt Thomas mthomas at
Tue May 9 12:11:35 EST 2000

You might also want to check out the system from Genomic solutions.  My wife
started up her own lab last year and compared the alpha inatech and genomic
solutions machine.  Since she is at a small place and had limited start up
money was an issue as well as how the thing worked.  IF I remember her
nightly retelling of how things went the genomic solutions was a better deal
for two reasons.  ONe, the camera was better and she could (and has done)
floresence as well as just taking pics of ETBr gels.  I think it is cooled
while at the time alpha inatechs wasn't (or maybe the one she could afford
from them wasn't colled).  Two, it comes with a decent computer that she
could use for things besides just runing the camera sofwear.  Also, the box
set up that holds the camera and such seems easier to deal with than alpha

So if you have the time you might want to check out this system, she really
likes how versatil it is.  I havn't used it my self but I have to say the
alpha inatech isn't exactly a work of art.  At least the one we have here.  

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