SOC - What does it stand for?

ChenHA hzhen at
Tue May 9 19:21:49 EST 2000

jmac wrote:
> if you want the true story "SOB" describes Doug Hanahan, the guy who made it up
> (you have to have known him)

Perhaps that explain why, once upon a time, when I tried to
look it up, the earliest reference to SOB I can find is in
the 1983 Hanahan paper on E.coli transformation in JMB, but
without any explanation of what it means.  At that time I
was also looking for an explanation why there are two
different LB broths (one Luria-Bertani and one Miller's LB),
why Miller's LB broth is also called Luria broth and what
practical differences there are (I've heard that one is
better than the other but can't remember which).  It's all
very confusing and no success in all my searches.  Perhaps
someone knows?

> and "SOC" is just one click up from "SOB"
> (really)

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