are there any intensive hands-on courses on cloning?

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Tue May 9 22:13:32 EST 2000

I thought that was what going to grad school was for....

My suggestion:  Choose undergrads from (or do undergrad work at) a state
institution without a PhD. program - they have to rely on undergrads to get it
done and they teach 'em everything.... I have learned immense amounts from my
research as an undergrad... Everything from PCR to RNA work, to cloning,
sequencing and presenting posters at nat'l meetings.

Janel Wheeler
Vellanoweth Biochemistry Laboratory
California State University, Los Angeles
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> Hi all -
>    Does anyone know of someplace that offers intensive hands-on courses in
> molecular biology? I would like to find a course where a grad student or
> post-doc can go for a couple weeks and come back with the practical
> ability to clone genes by homology (i.e., start with a known gene in some
> organism, and use PCR followed by library screening to come up with the
> homolog in another organism). If you have any ideas, please email me at
> mlevin at (my ability to read this newsgroup is intermittent,
> so please use email if possible). Thanks in advance,
> Mike Levin

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