bio-rad mini-protean III comments

John Philo "jphilo*NO SPAM12*" at
Wed May 10 13:08:18 EST 2000

I can't say anything about the BioRad units, but for what it's worth
when I was at Amgen all the protein chemists used the Novex gel boxes
and there were BioRad boxes sitting around everywhere unused. Since then
I've been in the labs of many other biotech companies and the story
seems to be the same. These folks run LOTS of gels and can buy whatever
they want, so I think that tells you something. 

John Philo, Alliance Protein Laboratories

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Kevin Morano wrote:
> I'm setting up a new lab this year and am considering switching to
> Bio-Rad's new model III minigel units, having used their model IIs for
> quite some time.  I have two main concerns:
> 1) Do the IIIs eliminate the leaking problems so common in the IIs?
> 2)The IIIs use glass plates with integrated spacers  - are the plates
> better quality than those sold with the IIs, which in my hands break all
> the time?
> I'd very much appreciate any comments/suggestions.
> Kevin Morano
> --
> Department of Biological Chemistry
> University of Michigan Medical School
> Ann Arbor, MI
> kmorano at

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