SOC - What does it stand for?

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Wed May 10 14:04:09 EST 2000

>us23 at wrote:
>anybody knows what the abbreviations SOC or SOB stand for?
>Believe it or not, a reviewer wants us to write it out.....
>Thanks in advance!

Once an editor asked me to reference 2xYT when I was proofreading the
galleys.  I supplied the reference, but added that this was a common recipe
and that inclusion of this reference would require adding one more page to
the published paper.  The reference was left out when the article was

The Hanahan paper (1983) J. Mol. Biol. 166, 557-580 and D. Hanahan (1985)
Techniques for transformation of E. coli in DNA Cloning Vol. 1 D. M. Glover
ed. IRL Press are the earliest mentions of SOB and SOC, but neither one
indicates  what the letters stand for.

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