SOC - What does it stand for?

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Just what I thought!

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>>us23 at wrote:
>>anybody knows what the abbreviations SOC or SOB stand for?
>>Believe it or not, a reviewer wants us to write it out.....
>>Thanks in advance!
>Once an editor asked me to reference 2xYT when I was proofreading the
>galleys.  I supplied the reference, but added that this was a common recipe
>and that inclusion of this reference would require adding one more page to
>the published paper.  The reference was left out when the article was
>The Hanahan paper (1983) J. Mol. Biol. 166, 557-580 and D. Hanahan (1985)
>Techniques for transformation of E. coli in DNA Cloning Vol. 1 D. M. Glover
>ed. IRL Press are the earliest mentions of SOB and SOC, but neither one
>indicates  what the letters stand for.
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