High temp. restriction enzyme digests

Wolfgang Schechinger Wolfgang.Schechinger at med.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu May 11 05:18:25 EST 2000

That's absolutely correct. Normally, I use my PCR for that. The 
option below is very convenioent when you have a double digest with 
another nzyme that doesn't like it hot.


> The easy way is that you use a PCR machine to do your digestion.
> They have cover-heating system or you use PCR-oil on your reaction
> mixture.
> On 10 May 2000, Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:
> > Normally, these high temp cutter also will perform at 37 degC.
> > Just a little slower. At least SspBI/BsrGI does in my experience
> > (Actually, it requires 60 degC, NEB say that the activity was half
> > at 37). You just need to digest a little longer. I would give it a
> > try.
> > 
> > Wolfgang
> > 
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