bio-rad mini-protean III comments

ChenHA hzhen at
Fri May 12 19:43:46 EST 2000

"A.F. Simpson" wrote:
> Do you still have to put the casting block into the tank?  That was one
> of the annoying features of the Protean II because it meant waiting
> until the gels had finished running before it was possible to pour a
> second set.  (Or buy another set of casting blocks - ouch.)

You won't have such problem now.  Now the two plates are
placed in a plastic holder thingy and held on a casting
stand. Once the gel set, the plates are removed and placed
in an electrode assembly and frame.  Someone in Biorad must
have heard your complaints.  After all these free
advertising on their behalf, I wonder if I'm in line for
some free samples (a few of those over-expensive combs will
do nicely, thank you).

> love
> Anna

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