Anaerobic expression of GFP?

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Tue May 16 03:20:03 EST 2000


Your proposal is a very good idea for studying the correct folding. I 
still want to render my GFP fluorescent, but *after* the expresseion, 
somewhat controlled. The chemistry of the chromophor is interfering 
with my experiment since it doesn't consist of amino acids.


> "Wolfgang Schechinger" <Wolfgang.Schechinger at>
> wrote: > I'd like to express and His-tag purify GFP expressed
> preferably in > E. coli. But I need to prevent the formation of the
> chromophore wich > is formed by oxidation. > Any ideas?
> Mutation of one of the three amino acids that form the chromophore?
> This should yield a non-fluorescent protein that most likely folds
> in the same way than GFP.
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