SDS behaving strangely.....

Rafael Maldonado rmaldonado at
Mon May 15 08:58:45 EST 2000

Yes, something similar is happening here. We have not a definitive
answer yet, but we think that is something related to salts. Our
dilutions of SDS are made in plastic tubes, and our 20% stock is a glass
bottle. So I thought that something related to the nature of the
container could be affecting precipitation, and rinsing the tubes solved
the problem. 

My guess is that in high concentrated solutions, the salts are not able
to precipitated the SDS since the low salt:SDS ratio, but in low
concentrated solutions that may happen. So use puer water and rinse the
containers, plastic or glass, with it.


>   I know it'll never get me a letter to 'Nature', but this has got me
> intrigued.  The solutions are made up in the same filtered polished
> water, the bottles were washed the same way.  Has anyone else ever
> noticed this happening in their lab?
> Sam Ross

Rafael Maldonado
Divison of Genetics
University of Alicante (Spain)

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