Maniatis on CD-ROM?-3rd edition coming-Sorry :-(

Bradley Turner bsturner at
Tue May 16 08:54:02 EST 2000

Hello All,

I obtained the same uninformative page when I looked at
it. I guess I sould have checked it out before posting the 
URL on this news group.  I have sent an email to Cold Spring
Harbor Press <> <cshpress at> (these do exist!)
asking about this publication.  I hope to hear from them soon.
The advertisement was in the 2000 edition of their 'Source Book'

It wasn't nice of CSHL to direct readers to a blank web page. :-(
Maybe if I pass this on to CSH Press they'll hurry up and
put some real information up there.

Sorry for any wasted time or bandwidth. :-(

[definitely no affiliations, anly a discouraged customer]

Sorry Again,
Brad Turner

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Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 15:51:24 -0400
From: Bradley Turner <turner at>
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Subject: Molecular Cloning 3rd edition?

Hello Cshl Press,

I would like any information about your forthcoming publication
'Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual' Maniatis/Sambrook et al.
will there be a CD-ROM version available?

There was no information posted at  the website listed in the

Thank you,
Brad Turner

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On Tue, 16 May 2000, Richard P. Grant wrote:

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> > perused:
> > *+-<>
> > 
> > My browser says no such web site..
> > 
> Mine came up with a generic domain name service.  Looks like it's 
> registered but there's nowt there!
> Oops.
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