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I couldn't find out anything about it on the CSHL Press website, either:

But if I may bring something up: Does the "Blue book" really need to be
on CD-ROM? It seems to me that its format (spiral bound, opens flat on a
surface) is made to be used on a bench. It would seem to me that if you
needed a protocol, it be would be quicker to take it off the shelf, lay
it in your bench, and work from it right there, as opposed to finding the
CD, taking it to your computer, opening the program, printing the pages
you need, etc. Moreover, it's not so expensive that you couldn't have a
few copies around the lab, or even own one yourself.

OTOH, "Current Protocols..." (The "Red book") is a format that really
needs to be on CD-ROM. A typical Red book user would photocopy a protcol
from the book to use, so printing it from a CD would make more sense
here. (I'm not endorsing one or the other here; I think both are useful,

BTW, since we are on the subject: Does anybody here use the new intranet
version of Current Protocols? How do you like it? Is it worth the


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