Column holder/rack ??

John Hines hines at
Thu May 18 16:25:34 EST 2000


   I will be doing some cAMP assays and need to set up the dowex and
alumina columns such that the eluate from the former will drip into the
latter.  Ideally, I would like to be able to place the columns in
stackable holders/racks.

  I have been doing assays for IP3 for a couple of years now, and our lab
has an old plexiglass rack that the columns (Bio-Rad Poly-Prep) sat in
nicely while they eluted into a bin, scintillation vials, whatever.  This
rack measured about
45 cm X 45 cm, and has about 100 holes in it that were a good size for the
column to settle into without falling through.

  This old rack looks like it is capable of being stacked, but the problem is:

it's the only one we have


there's no label, symbol or anything else on it to indicate who manufactured it.

  If anyone can figure out from that rather lame description the apparatus
I am trying to put together, give me a holler and suggest a vendor.  I saw
nothing in the Fisher or Bio-Rad catalogs.


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