Problems drying PAGE gels

Andy Ryan a.ryan at
Fri May 19 04:31:50 EST 2000


I have recently had problems drying (0.4mm thick) sequencing PAGE 5%
denaturing gels down onto filter paper using my BioRad gel drier with
JAVAC pump. In the past this has usually taken 20 mins at 80 degrees.
However, for no apparent reason my gels are still sticky after 2 hours
and it is very difficult removing the "cling-film". I do not fix my gels
and I use an ice trap to prevent fumes entering the pump. I have also
recently changed the oil in the pump. As far as I am aware the pump is
still sucking as efficiently, and the gel drier is still heating as
efficiently. I have been running these gels for over 5 years in the
current lab and have not had this problem. Interestingly I have a
colleague in another unit who is experiencing similar problems using
entirely different apparatus.

Does any one know of any reason why I may be experiencing these



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