Desalting with butanol precipitation (w/ a reminder)

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Fri May 19 21:18:10 EST 2000

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Date: Friday, May 19, 2000 6:56 pm
Subject: Re: Desalting with butanol precipitation (w/ a reminder)

> In article <200005191948.NAA260066 at nestor.NMSU.Edu>, Hiranya S. 
> Roychowdhurywrote:
> >BTW, butanol is immiscible with water (although it absorbs it) 
> and will NOT
> >precipitate DNA or RNA as you originally enquired.
> It absorbs about 10% water. It is used to precipitate 
> oligonucleotides.

Hmmm... need to recheck things... Dry butanol is the basis by which the 
Sawadago protocol works for oligo purification.  Cleans them up very 
nicely although we've found it helps if the oligo synthesis is greater 
than a 0.2 uM scale column.  

Hope this helps,


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