Thermal Separations aka Spectra-Physics HPLC-Huhelp!

Darren Thompson thompson at
Mon May 22 11:44:57 EST 2000

    In our lab we have two computer controlled Thermal Separations HPLC
complete systems, and one Spectra-Physics analog HPLC.  Only one of the
computer controlled Thermal Separations HPLC's is working, the
Spectra-Physics HPLC is also not working  All three UV-Vis detectors
work fine, there are no autosamplers.  The pumps are the problem.

    I've never tried the Spectra-Physics HPLC, a grad-student has
diagnosed the problem with the one Thermal Separations HPLC that is not
working, he says it's the mixing pc board.  The Thermal Separations HPLC

that is working never equilibrates at low flow rates, it equilibrates at

high flow rates.

    The problem is I want to do a service call, but I don't know who to
call. I don't think Thermal Separations is still in business.  Can
anybody help me?  Are Thermal Separation parts interchangeable with any
other company's?

Darren Thompson


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