peptide design

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Mon May 22 13:32:21 EST 2000

Hi Dave,
it's hard to tell if it will work without more info.
does your 10-12 aa motif contains lots of hydrophobic amino
acids? if so, forget it. your peptide will not dissolve.
Is there a crystal structure of your protein available? or did
you try to model a structure?
You gotta know if the 10-12 part of the protein folds into
a-helices or b-sheets and then see if your peptide can do the
If after all this making a peptide sounds promising, do it. Even
if the peptide does not work, you can use it for making an
antibody which may work. Shoot twice, pay once.
Good luck,
Rogier Stuger
Mol Cell Phys, Free U of Amsterdam
E rogier AT


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