Help with Promega silver staining probs, please

Dr. Klaus Eimert eimert at
Tue May 23 01:34:46 EST 2000

Dear netters,

a collegue of mine asked me for help with a problem using the above
mentioned kit. Since I can't think of an answer I thought I'd ask in the

She has been using the kit for some time to stain AFLPs in PAGE w/o any
problems. All of a sudden the following occured ("reproducible"):
The staining seems OK, e.g. bands developed. During fixation the bands
rapidly start to diappear beginning from the outside of the gel toward
the center. Shortly after everything is gone.
She claimed she didn't change anything, even uses the same batches. When
calling the Promega guys, they told her that this had occured sometimes
in their research lab but since it didn't happen so often, they didn't
do anything in this direction (!!!).
Did anybody have the same problems with the kit? If so, how did you fix
it? What could cause the problem? Could be formaldehyde evaporation to
fast from the staining soln be a problem?
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanx in advance,


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