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The original Scatchard paper is about the interaction between Albumin and
cupric ions. Scatchard developed a mathematical model fitting this
phenomen. Today it is used for calculating any interactions between a
receptor and a ligand.
Therefore the protocol for receptor analysis is quite different and the
value of Scatchard's work is the mathemathical analysis that could be
performed by simple calculations.
Dear Chris, may be Jeff is lazy, may be not; but your knowledge about
receptor analysis seems to be not your best.
Dear Jeff if you could describe me more about what receptor is? and What
tissue is from? may be I could help you


Alejandro Krimer

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>Dont be lazy.....look it up.
>Guy Reimnitz wrote:
>> I have some problem to find scatchard protocol for the measure of the
>> affinity between a nuclear receptor and his hormone.  can someone help
>> to find informations
>>               Jeff   gree9do at

Yeah, but since it was published in 1949, it is not on any computer
as such.  The real question is since we are all on computers (or we
be on this newsgroup), why would he want such an error prone graphical
analysis in the first place.  Time to move on.


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