Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Wed May 24 11:20:15 EST 2000

a.krimer at wrote:
> Dear Dima:
> May be I could be wrong, but I thought Jeff referred about the protocol to
>       mdo the experiment; this means tissue isolation,  receptor
>       preparations, incubation condition, radiotracer used, method for
>       separating bound and unbound molecules. All of that things are not
>       included in common books. If it is that case Jeff is not lazy.
> On the other hand, if Jeff asked about Scatchard's theory you and Chris are
>       right.

I apologize for any implied name calling i.e. lazy.   

One mentor I had said it is better to be lazy... meaning do alot of
thinking , reading , question asking before trying futz with the wet

Best regards to all the lazy scientists out there.

P. C. LaRosa

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