OT: Wanted: Manual for Beckman LS5000TD

M. Johan Broekman hanbroekman at csi.com
Wed May 24 18:45:14 EST 2000

Dear All:

We inherited a LS 5000 TD liquid scintillation counter.  Unfortunately,
in their cleaning frenzy, the former owners discarded the manual.  I'd
fell better having the manual for the machine.  If someone could steer
me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.  (I did leave a message
with BeckmanCoulter support as well, but don't know how they'd react).

Thanks in advance,
M. Johan Broekman, Ph.D.
Hem-Onc, VA NY Harbor Healthcare System / Weill Med. Coll. of Cornell
423 East 23rd Street, Rm. 13025W
New York, NY 10010
email: mjbroek at med.cornell.edu

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