no waterphase in phenolextraction

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Thu May 25 05:05:50 EST 2000

Susanne Rohrer <"srohrer(removethis)"> wrote:
> This makes me suspicious:
>> phenol was well buffered, solutions were personal (no mixup likely)
> Maybe a stupid suggestion:
> Did the person use phenol pH8 instead of
> Phenol/Chloroform/Isoamylalcohol? - since he/she had not done it in a
> while...

I have never used the Trizol method for purifying RNA, but phenol is
usually not fully miscible with water. Instead, if you mix water (or
buffer) and phenol, you will get a water-saturated phenol phase and
a phenol-saturated water phase. That's how equilibration of phenol
with Tris buffer works as well.

(Obviously, the phenol phase will fully disappear if you have very
little phenol and a lot of water, because in that case, you are
creating a phenol-saturated water solution.)


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