Error Prone PCR

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> Simon Margerison wrote:
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> > Hi
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> > A colleague of mine is interested in performing some error prone pcr.
> > Does anyone know any good methods or reagents for this. Any help would
> > be appreciated, either by direct email to
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> > ruth.featherstone at
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> > or on the board.
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> Try using a higher concentration of dNTPs..... this will increase the
> errors.  I know that a lower concentration of dNtps will give lower
> errors.
> I am speculating here: limit the concentration of 3 of the dntps and
> increase the concentration of the remainder.  This should cause more
> errors.  How much so?   Try a range of concentrations....
> I make these comments,, haveing never done such an experiment, so take
> them with a grain of salt.

Try using polymerase which has the proofreading part missing. Such enzymes
are sold commercially by various companies. I have used one such enzyme
with success.

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