crackling sequencing gels

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You really should get your news programme fixed. :-)
Ar you using Mozilla or Outlook. Both post as html sometimes.


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> First: thanks for responding (and to you to Anna)
> <br>Second:
> <br>Ahemm...
> <br>(I probably should have looked this up in C.P. or Maniatis first,&nbsp;
> but anyway:)&nbsp; Fixing the gel?
> <br>I don't. Hov do you fix the gel, exactly. Acetic acid and methanol...
> (that sounds like when I used to fix preparations of nuclei to make metaphase
> spreads).. What proportions of either do you use?&nbsp; How does one do
> that?
> <p>-Max
> <p>ParentE at wrote:
> <blockquote TYPE=CITE>Hi Max.
> <p>What do you use to fix your gel? Acetic acid and methanol, will ensure
> that
> <br>your gel won't crack. Plain ethanol work as well but your gel shrink
> quite a
> <br>lot.
> <p>hope this helps
> <p>Eric Parent
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