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Yeah, I know, bad form to reply to myself.

Maybe it was one of these:


Science 1982 Sep 24;217(4566):1247-9

Numbers of receptor sites from Scatchard graphs: facts and

Klotz IM

Data for ligand and receptor binding presented in the format of a
Scatchard graph are compared with the same data shown as bound
ligand plotted against the logarithm of free ligand. From this
comparison it is apparent that extrapolations in the Scatchard
graph to yield total number of receptor sites are generally not

PMID: 6287580, UI: 82277157


1: Pharmacol Res Commun 1988 Sep;20(9):733-7

More about the misuse of Scatchard plots in binding studies.

Nicosia S

Institute of Pharmacological Sciences, Milan, Italy.

PMID: 3174801, UI: 89017529


J Biol Chem 1983 Nov 10;258(21):12865-7

Statistical limits in Scatchard analysis.

Feldman HA

The Scatchard graph for estimating molecular receptor capacity
recently criticized for its subjectivity, by means of several
examples in which graphical methods yielded meaningless estimates
of receptor capacity. We applied mathematical binding models and
statistical estimation to the same examples and derived
quantitative measures of the uncertainty in receptor capacity.
uncertainty was within such bounds that an approximate picture of
the nature and number of sites was recoverable.

PMID: 6313679, UI: 84032500


Q Rev Biophys 1985 Aug;18(3):227-59

Ligand--receptor interactions: facts and fantasies.

Klotz IM

Publication Types:

PMID: 3916127, UI: 87068228


Science 1983 May 27;220(4600):979-81

Number of receptor sites from Scatchard and Klotz graphs: a
constructive critique.

Munson PJ, Rodbard D

PMID: 6302842, UI: 83197386



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