Formaldehyde and Silver Staining

Jack Cass jc at
Sat May 27 06:54:12 EST 2000

The government says, "Do as I say...not as I do."  The biggest
violator is who? Industry is a close second. The lower on the totem
pole...the greater the number of rules. A sence of civic duty and
responsibility only applies to the lessor. 

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000 08:26:57 -0700, Jim Kami <jakami at>

>I didn't make the rules, I just play the game.
>As I try to teach my 10 yr old, if you break the rules you've already lost,
>regardless if you get caught. Ever cheat at solitare ?  Ever ask yourself
>If we can find a non-toxic, less expensive alternative to formaldehyde, we
>will eliminate a class II carcinogen from the lab, save money and advance
>the science.
>Answering questions and solving problems is why we are playing the game in
>the first place.
>Off the record, I don't agree with the regs. and believe they are
>excessive, but then I also feel the same way about gas prices.
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>"Why does Common Sense always seem to be the least common sense ?!?"
>Chris LaRosa wrote:
>> I suggest ignoring those silly regulations.... Unenforcible and stupid.
>> Just dump the solutions down the drain when noone is looking.

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