Utility to select restriction enzymes for inverse PCR?

Kimberley Snowden ksnowden at hort.cri.nz
Mon May 29 16:16:13 EST 2000

Another thought then, would be to use the map command in GCG, but include the maxcuts
and mincuts commands. In your case you could select maxcuts = 1 (or maybe 0 would
work) and it would exclude all enzymes that cut more than that. I don't know however
if GCG is available on a web site anywhere, but a lot of places do have GCG loaded

hope that helps

Henryk Bochmann wrote:

> Susanne Rohrer <"srohrer(removethis)"@immv.unizh.ch> wrote:
> > Henryk Bochmann wrote:
> >> what I meant is a software or webpage which take your sequence and
> >> return a map of restriction sites in that sequence, based on the
> >> enzymes you select.
> > http://dot.imgen.bcm.tmc.edu:9331/seq-util/seq-util.html
> > Try the webcutter on this site (someone else posted this site here a while ago)
> I know that one, I've worked at Baylor. It doesn't list the enzymes
> that do not cut the desired sequence while being cutters of a certain
> probability.
> WebGene at http://darwin.bio.geneseo.edu/~yin/WebGene/RE.html does
> allow selection by probability of restriction. However, it does not
> consider probability when listing those enzymes that do not cut, and
> lists all instead.
> Regards,
> Henryk

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