PCR purification kit

LoPony ctfrench at wwisp.com
Tue May 30 23:18:04 EST 2000

The Promega PCR-preps kit seems to work reliably in my hands with or without
a vacuum manifold.  Decent yields, always clean.  No phenol steps - just
pass over the column, wash with IpOH, and elute by centrifugation.


Christopher Todd French
UAB Dept. of Comparative Medicine
1670 Univ. Blvd, VH 422
1530 3rd Ave. S
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"ChenHA" <hzhen at freeuk.com> wrote in message
news:3926E0FA.602C3A54 at freeuk.com...
> I wonder if anyone out who can recommend a good purification
> kit for pcr product.  I have been using the Qiaquick pcr
> purification kit, but have not been satisfied with the
> result.  In my experience the yield is poor with the kit,
> sometimes only 10% of the pcr product is retrieved.  In the
> past I have ignored this deficiency with the kit because it
> is fast and convenient, but surely there is a better one out
> there?

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