Blotting DNA from polyacrylamide gels

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Tue May 30 23:22:51 EST 2000

Is there any way you could run a control gel for staining with EtBr and
photography and skip the staining of the gel used for the transfer?  EtBr
will inhibit transfer...

The UV nicking of the DNA before transfer if stained with ethidium is also a
reasonable approach to try.


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"Chris LaRosa" <clarosa at> wrote in message
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> Audrey Ah Fong wrote:
> >
> > Hi ! I'm having probelms regarding transferring DNA from polyacrylamide
> > gels.  I'm actually running DNA on DGGE gels (polaycrylamide with urea
> > formamide) and have to transfer DNA on nylon membranes.  The protocol I
> > have, used electroblotting but after staining the gels, the DNA,
> > the bigger fragments are still there.  I do not know what i could be
> > wrong.  To tell more precisely what I'm doing, after running the gel I
> > depurinate the gel for 5 minutes in 0.25 M HCL, rinsed in water followed
> > 5 minutes in 0.5 M NaOH.  I do neutralise for 5 min in 0.5 M Tris-HCl
> You can skip the depurination step simply by exposing your ETBR gel to
> the
> UV transilluminator for a couple of minutes.  In fact, some people in
> this building simply take a photograph.. the exposure seems to be enough
> to nick and cut the dna sufficiently to allow transfer.   I am not sure
> if this is critical to your problem. Your going to have to try or get
> advise on another doing exactly what your doing.

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