Isopsoralen-10 for PCR contamination control

jkcarson at jkcarson at
Wed Nov 1 06:45:37 EST 2000

We have been using isopsoralen-10  ( 4' aminomethyl-4, 5'
-dimethyl-isopsoralen) (IP-10) for 18 months as part of our PCR
control measures to prevent false positive reactions arising from
amplicon carryover.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of IP-10, the Cerus Corporation, have
just advised that they no longer make or supply IP-10.

Does anyone know of an alternative supplier?
I've tried several of the larger biochemical suppliers without

We could implement the uracil glycocylase system but that will mean
having to reformat and re-validate several PCR assays. With current
detection levels consistently in the 5-10 fg range with IP-10, we
really don't want to mess about with the protocols if we can possibly
avoid doing so.

Any advice on alternative sources of supply greatly received.

Jeremy Carson
DPIWE, Tas., Australia

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