Seeking Biochem/Molbiol tutorials CDs/programs

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Wed Nov 1 18:26:55 EST 2000

>Bradley Turner (bsturner at
>Tue 31 Oct 2000 - 17:09:28 GMT

>Hello All,

>I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations
>for Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or Genetics
>tutorial/review software, CDROMS, or websites at the
>undergraduate/graduate level?
>Thank you,
>Brad Turner

Here are a few virtual lab websites that might interest you:
BioMOO Environmental Genetics Laboratory. (See instructions at :
Howard Hughes Medical Institute ? ELISA Assay
Microbiology 51 ? Interactive Pathogenic Microbiology
Molecular Biology Teaching Laboratory (Robert M. Horton, 1999.  A virtual
molecular biology teaching laboratory.  BioTechn. 27(2):298-300.)
(password = Laguna)
Virtual Lab for Biologists (Utah State University)  Includes links,
protocols, journals, news and calculators.

Tim Fitzwater
Principal Research Associate
Gilead Sciences


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