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ql qin.ling at
Thu Nov 2 10:33:59 EST 2000


At this time we are looking for a software package, which is suitable for a
normal molecular biology lab. It should perform sequence assembly (not
genome scale), multiple alignment, tree building, primer select, restriction
mapping, protein analysis, etc. We are now using the DNASTAR package for
windows, for the most part, this package is rather good, but we are
irritated by some bugs in this program, like all contig indicate base A, but
the concensus is a T?!
I will appreciate if somebody could give me some advice.
Thanks in advance!

Ling Qin
Laboratory of Nematology
Wageningen University and Research Center
Binnenhaven 10, Wageningen
6709 PD, the Netherlands
E-mail:Ling.Qin at

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