looking for an inducible vector

T. Max M. Soegaard tmms at mbio.aau.dk
Thu Nov 2 16:28:51 EST 2000

Maybe a bit troublesome, but what about the system of Wang et al.?
Nature Biotechnology, vol 15, march 1997. pp 239-221.
They have improved on the system since then (forgot the ref.). They
induce with a low concentration of RU486 which is supposed to have no
other effects in transgenic mice.

My 2 cents

Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:
> Hi all,
> would anyone like to recommend a vector for eucaryotic expression?
> I'd need it for having control over protein expression in cells that
> will be transplanted into mice. The vector should be inducible by
> i.v. injection or oral application of a drug that ideally has no
> other effects.
> I'm aware of tetracycline inducible vectors, are there other
> possibilities?
> All input is welcome!
> Wolfgang
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