ask about bacterial osmotic shock

Arnoud van Vliet avvliet at
Thu Nov 2 18:45:14 EST 2000

> Sorry, I'm need to extract protein from the periplasm,
> thanks
> marcelo foti

Wooldridge, K.G., Morrissey, J.A. and Williams, P.H. (1992) Transport of
Ferric-Aerobactin Into the Periplasm and Cytoplasm of Escherichia-Coli K12 -
Role of Envelope-Associated Proteins and Effect of Endogenous Siderophores.
Journal of General Microbiology 138, 597-603.

Ames, G.F., Prody, C. and Kustu, S. (1984) Simple, Rapid, and Quantitative
Release of Periplasmic Proteins By Chloroform. J. Bacteriol. 160, 1181-1183.

Both protocols are good for E. coli.

hope this helps

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