Beckman sequencer problems

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Fri Nov 3 07:56:03 EST 2000


We are using a CEQ 2000 for HIV genotyping. We found the CEQ very
reliable in our hands. You are welcome to contact us for protocol
details. I may start a discussion group for CEQ 2000 users soon.
interested people, please contact me.

In brief, we are starting with RNA, RT-PCR, nested PCR, purification on
Multiscreen PCR from Millipore, resuspend in 50 ul, DTSC 6 ul of the
purified nested PCR product, purification on Multiscreen DT removal from
millipore too, got usually 15 ul to which we add 25 ul of formamide,
then use regular BCI program for the runs (XL version, LFR).

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