PKC a,b,g

Eric deszo at
Sat Nov 4 14:32:30 EST 2000

Has anyone used the UBI pan pkc antibody cat 06-870?  I am haveing a few
problems with it.

Granted the data sheet does not indicate you can IP with it but I have; and
this is were my problems are.  I treat U937 cells with TPA and IP PKC with
the UBI antibody, transfer to nitrocellulaose and blot with the the UBI
antibody.  The results I get show strong bands in the TPA treated lans but
little signal in the control lanes.  This antibody is to made residues
641-673 of PKCbII which encompass at least two serines that have been shown
to be phosphorylated by various treatments so the strong bands in the TPA
lanes seem to indicate some activation of sorts.  Anyway I thought I would
see if anyone has use this antibody of investigated this area.  Any input is

Eric Deszo
University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
Department  of Animal Sciences
deszo at

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