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> Hi:
> At our lab we use VectorNTI, which can do at least what you mentioned, 
> plus
> a good deal more. It has all the features you can dream of, but is quite
> expensive.
> More details are at

I have ben using the Mac version of VNTI for about a year now and must 
say that it is a software with potential but has still a long way to go 
what comes to usability in a research oriented lab.
VNTI is not particularly intuitive, we used MacVector before and people 
learned to use it within a few weeks, with VNTI many are still 
Second thing is that the program is not made for people working with 
unknown sequences. Just the fact that there is no simple way to get a 
six (or three) frame translation of a sequence - something I frequently 
need when working with partial sequences and trying to determine which 
part of a CDS I have in my fragment.
Or that when scanning for ORFs you cannot assign the 5' and 3' end to be 
a start or stop codon.

And at least what comes to the Mac version it also has its bugs, most 
are only mildly irritating but once I lost half of my primer sequences 
in the nirvana of the VNTI database.

I would rather use a package that has been around for a longer time and 
been finetuned by the developers.


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