dsRNA blots

Rich Miller richmiller at mindspring.com
Sun Nov 5 20:42:59 EST 2000


Look up papers by C.C. Wang, et al. at Univ. Calif. San Francisco between
1984 and 1987.  His group was working with a dsRNA virus in Giarda.  They
ran a lot of gels.  I know as I was in his lab on sabbatical in 1987 and
ran many of the gels myself.

Hope this helps,
Rich Miller

Mike Rott wrote:

> I am having problems with dsRNA blots. I use a nondenaturing TAE agarose
> gel. treat in 50mM NaOH for 30 min and then blot with 20xSSC to charged
> nylon membrane. Membrane is then treated for 10 min in 50mM NaOH to fix
> and denature. Using this method with either dsDNA or ssRNA results in
> excellent blots but not from dsRNA. I assume that 50mM NaOH is not
> sufficient to denature dsRNA and am going to try a higher concentration.
> In the meantime what have others tried that worked.
> mike

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