Why polyclonal antibody from mice????

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at facstaff.wisc.edu
Mon Nov 6 10:24:54 EST 2000

I've used mice in the past for poly clonal Ab.  I chose mice only because I
had such a small amount of antigen, that I thought I'd be able to make
better sera in mice with my limited amount of material.

Another reason to use mice is if you need the Ab to be mouse for some
reason, e.g. if you are doing multiple immune fluorescence and need to have
Ab from different species.


>Hi All
>I need your help. I wish to know the advantage of production of polyclonal
>antibody in mice. I used to produce polyclonal antibody from mice but it did
>not produce ascites fluid. So I want to know can I change to produce from
>Thank in advance.
> Chantasingh W.
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