Transfection of chicken embryo fibroblasts (CEF)

Alejandro Miguel Martin Dunn alejandro.martin at
Mon Nov 6 12:39:54 EST 2000

Hi all,

Does anybody have hints, tips, pointers to online resources, or whatever
to help me increase the efficiency of transfection in chicken embryo
fibroblasts (CEFs)? I am about to start generating recombinant fowlpox
viruses, but the transfection method commonly used in my lab
(Lipofectin) has a really low efficiency in our hands (about 2-3
recombinant FPV plaques per 10 000 wt plaques). Right now I'm thinking
about tinkering with PEI or electroporation, but it'd be great to hear
beforehand if somebody else has tried to optimize transfection
efficiency in CEFs and if so, what method works best, pros and cons, and
so on.


Alejandro Martin
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