PNA storage temperature

Austin P. So (Hae-Jin) haejin at netinfo.ubc.caX
Mon Nov 6 17:08:02 EST 2000

Actually...PNAs are quite stable at room temp, though it is recommended to
store them dry at -20C if possible.

The problem is not so much the PNA but what can grow in the buffer you are
storing the PNA in...and all sorts of things will grow even at 4C or acidic

Rob Jordan wrote:

> <mwallen at> wrote in message news:8u6bdl$54g$1 at
> > Can someone please tell me, what is the recommended possible short/long
> > term storage temperature for PNA (peptide nucleic acid)? Is it +4, -20,
> > or does it make any difference (at least I have presumed that PNA would
> > be very stable)? Thanks in advance.

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