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Jarmo Schrader <Jarmo.Schrader at> wrote:

> I have ben using the Mac version of VNTI for about a year now and must 
> say that it is a software with potential but has still a long way to go 
> what comes to usability in a research oriented lab.

I agree: some aspects are not quite ready for routine use.
Some examples:

- At first the database concept sounds very good but in my every day work it
  is real annoying that everything must go into the database. 
- Editing a sequence is much more confusiong than it needs to be.
- Why the hell is is the menu entry for creating a new sequence file not
	in the "file" menu as in every other software on this planet???
- Why does the window resize back to the default every single time I change
	the restriction enzyme list?
- The menu arrangement is not exactly intuitive.

Why is there no recent version of GeneRunner? I liked that program -
even though it had some bugs aswell...


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