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> Jarmo Schrader <Jarmo.Schrader at> wrote:
> > I have ben using the Mac version of VNTI for about a year now and must 
> > say that it is a software with potential but has still a long way to go 
> > what comes to usability in a research oriented lab.
> I agree: some aspects are not quite ready for routine use.
> Some examples:
> - At first the database concept sounds very good but in my every day work it
>   is real annoying that everything must go into the database. 
> - Editing a sequence is much more confusiong than it needs to be.
> - Why the hell is is the menu entry for creating a new sequence file not
>         in the "file" menu as in every other software on this planet???
> - Why does the window resize back to the default every single time I change
>         the restriction enzyme list?
> - The menu arrangement is not exactly intuitive.

Cant you simply change the menu contents. This is easy on RISC OS.

For those using RISC OS you can redefine menus by using the programme
itself or to use !keystroke to define all your menus with the same
hierarchy no matter what the app.

Or you can use something like !director or another textfile based plugin
like !strongmen to define your own if the programme dosn't do your thing
IE perform an action and have this action (a single or multiple event)
included in a standard menu with your own defined name for it.

Surely this is possible on Mac and PC. Its been possible on RISC OS since 1992.

I've never had a problem with this on my mac so I've never tried.

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