Loss of expression, help!

Troels Wind wind at biobase.dk
Tue Nov 7 08:02:23 EST 2000

Dear all,

I have a rather annoying problem with my coli expression system that I cant
explain, why I hope some of you may have an idea.

I have my protein in two different, but similar, vectors with the following
compositions of the promoter/initiation region:

1) T7 promoter - fMet - GSMGSCGS - 6xHis - IEGRV ....(the protein of
2) T7 promoter - fMet - GS - 6xHis - GSGSGSRRASV ....(the protein of

The vector is basically a pET-vector and is the same for the two constructs.
Number 1 has a free Cys (no Cys in my protein), hexa-His and a fXa
proteinase-site (IEGR).
Number 2 has hexa-His, a Gly-Ser linker and a HMK-recognition site for
Ser-phosphorylation (RRASV).

The tricky thing is, that construct number 1 works perfect in BL21(DE3) as
well as BL21(DE3)pLysS (~10 mg protein per liter culture) whereas number 2
is lousy (~0.1 mg per liter).

It is not a question of codon-choice; all codons are selected for optimal

Does anyone know what is going on? Any input is much appreciated!

Best regards,

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