Isolation of chondrocytes

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> Contact Andrew Hall at the Univ. of Edinburgh
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Or have a search for Charlie Archer at
> WB Lai wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> > I need a ready source of chondrocytes (the origin does not matter).  Is
> > there some company I can buy it from?

If your not too bothered about the source, then I would use Biovine. The
reason being simple:- Cows are big and have big cartillage tissue. :-)

Depending on what you are doing you could buy a cell line in. The problem
here is the phenotype (fibroblastic) and the differences in Collagen type

Firstly I would find out what the local slaughter house (cant spell
abortoir?) is able to give you and how often.

There is no point in using say sheep if they only do sheep once a month
but cow daily.

> > I have searched through the literature for methods to harvest chondrocytes
> > from cartilage which were then subsequently cultured.  But there is little
> > information on the cell number (concentration) obtainable from the isolation
> > of chondrocytes from cartilage.  Is there anyone who has done this before?
> > Please advise.
> > Thank you very much.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Wen Bin Lai
> > Dept of Chemical Engineering

Why do you need Primaries? (appart from the phenotype change) :-)

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