Isolation of chondrocytes

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Wed Nov 8 12:31:24 EST 2000

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> Hi everybody,
> I need a ready source of chondrocytes (the origin does not matter).  Is
> there some company I can buy it from?
> I have searched through the literature for methods to harvest chondrocytes
> from cartilage which were then subsequently cultured.  But there is little
> information on the cell number (concentration) obtainable from the isolation
> of chondrocytes from cartilage.  Is there anyone who has done this before?
> Please advise.
> Thank you very much.
> Regards,
> Wen Bin Lai
> Dept of Chemical Engineering

We have isolated chondrocytes from embryonic chick vertebral cartilage.
The many dissections needed to get enough material (>10E7 cells)make
this a rather tedious procedure. Like some other replies, another
source is likely to be easier.

However, buying them may be an option. Here in the US, there is a
company called Clonetics that sells chondrocytes, origin not specified
on the list that I have, for $524. They list web sites or

Good luck,


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