Molbio/Protein Research Associate Needed (New York City)

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Wed Nov 8 14:55:21 EST 2000

Molbio/Protein Research Associate Needed (New York City)

The candidate should have an M.S. degree in one of the biological
sciences and relevant laboratory experience after graduation.

Experience in PCR, cloning, library construction and screening,
Northern blotting, and Western immunoblotting is required.

Experience in expressing and purifying recombinant proteins
by biochemical and immunological methods is required.
Experience in purifying proteins from cultured cells and
conditioned medium is also required.

Experience with protein and peptide purifications with HPLC
is desirable.

Candidates with a B.S. degree will be considered, if they have
several years of relevant laboratory experience.

CV's may be faxed to me at 212-523-6495 for attention of
Dr. Tilson, or mailed to me direct at:

M. D. Tilson, MD
SLR Hosp Center & Columbia Univ
1000 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY  10019.

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